Sap Flow Tool

Main Features
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  • Free 30-day trial of the full version.
  • Support for all major sap flow sensors: HRM, HFD, TDP and Dynagage
  • Visually manipulate your data (e.g. remove bad data, smooth, calculate daily averages, ...)
  • 2D and 3D visualisation of sap velocities,
    sap flux densities and sap flow rates
  • Interactive radial sap flux density
    and sap velocity profile
  • Analyse and visualise data from multiple sensors and/or multiple files
  • Import and visualise non-ICT International sensor data
  • Windows and Mac version

What's new in version 1.5

  • Support for Dynagage and TDP sap flow sensors
  • Calculate sap flow rates based on changing stem diameters
  • Specify display and export units for velocities, flux densities, flow rates and volumes
  • Change font sizes for each individual graph

What's new in version 1.4

  • Online authentication system, no need for USB dongles as long as you are online
  • Free 30-day trial of the full version
  • New 'Check for updates' system with built-in download and install
  • Windows 8 compatibility

What's new in version 1.3

  • General
    • NEW "visualise module": custom graphs, display data from multiple sensors and files
      (even non-ICT International data).
    • Value inspector slider on all graphs: shows numerical value of all curves at the slider position.
    • Option to show DOY on graph x-axis.
    • Ability to search in the user manual.

  • Files window
    • Import any data file (sap flow calculations still limited to ICT International .csv and .bin files).
    • Quick view graph: plot the currently selected item in the Files window.
    • Batch import of multiple data files + drag & drop in the Files window.
    • Batch export of multiple sensors.
    • Auto-reimport exported data.
    • Merge data from the same sensor in different files.
    • Files window filter: show only items that match certain criteria.
    • Move files up and down in the Files window.

  • Visualise module
    • Custom graphs, display data from multiple sensors and files.
    • Apply data filters to any curve on the graph.
    • Export all data from the custom graphs.
    • New example: sample 6, shows the use of custom graphs and non-sap flow data.


"It is a very nice, fast and convenient way of processing the sap-flow data. It was great to have the data processed right away on the field, even sap-flow rates and all. I must say I feel very satisfied with it as normally the post processing of sap-flow data is time consuming."

L. Reyes, ITC, The Netherlands

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